Has The Duchess of Cambridge Had Plastic Surgery?

Posted May 12, 2016

The members of the royal family of England are never free from speculation about their personal lives. The latest family member under public scrutiny is Kate Middleton also known as the Duchess of Cambridge. There are royal insiders who say that Middleton is furious at the staff members who run the official social media accounts for Buckingham Palace. Her anger stems from a series of photos featuring Kate that were posted to wish her a happy birthday. Instead, insiders are saying that Kate feels the photos make fun of her suspected plastic surgery procedures.

While the people that posted the photos did not admit to trying to make fun of the wife of Prince William, it has been reported that Kate took the photos as an insult rather than being a compliment of any kind on the occasion of her 34th birthday. It is claimed that one of the reasons that she is so upset is because she feels that the photos make her look much older than her actual age. Insiders say that she would have been much happier with the birthday greetings if the social media team had used a much more flattering photo of her. The photo in question featured Kate as a young child in school next to a photo of her when she became the wife of Prince William.

There are also other reports about Kate that have been circulating among insiders of the royal family. The reports actually involve her husband, Prince William, and his concerns about the number of plastic surgery procedures that Kate has undergone in recent years. While no one is willing to go on record and confirm the fact that Middleton has undergone a series of plastic surgeries, there are people who claim that she has been having some work done to correct what she views as imperfections in her look. One of the reasons that she is said to be so worried about her looks is because of what many believe is her upcoming coronation ceremony. An upcoming coronation as the Queen of England has not been confirmed by any reliable sources but that is not stopping speculation from continuing all around the world. If the stories about her coronation are true, it is supposed to be a giant event filled with such stars as Sir Elton John, Jay Z, Beyonce and President Obama.

The one thing that is known for a fact is that Kate and William spent her birthday at her home in Norfolk, England with her brother and sister. Other than that, the stories and gossip about Kate and plastic surgery and any upcoming coronation remain unconfirmed for the moment. If there is ever any concrete evidence of plastic surgery work done on Kate, or any other member of the royal family, it will be broadcast all over the world and will also be one of the biggest news stories of the day as well as the year.

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