Best Chemical Peels Doctors in Los Angeles

Patients looking to improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin will visit the best chemical peels doctors in Los Angeles to achieve the desired results. Chemical peels remove the outer layers of the skin to provide a smoother texture along with a reduction in the amount of wrinkles, blemishes, and uneven skin pigmentation. A chemical peel can be performed as a light peel, medium peel or deep peel and the choice depends on the condition of the skin and the final results desired by the patient. The best chemical peels doctors in Los Angeles examine the skin of the patient in order to determine the extent of the changes that can be made as well as the best chemical peel option to give the skin an improved look and texture.

How to choose the best place for a chemical peel in Los Angeles

Patients who want to know how to choose the best place for a chemical peel in Los Angeles can browse Cosmetic Town to learn more about our selection of top-rated doctors. Our list of doctors consists of board-certified, experienced doctors known their quality patient interactions and long-lasting, natural results. Each doctor has the reputation of earning the trust of their patients and this trust is reflected in the reviews left for the doctors by their actual patients.


The average cost of a chemical peel is determined by the type of peel performed and any additional fees that are charged by the doctor or the facility. A light peel can cost in the range of $100-$250 while a medium peel is anywhere from $400-$700. The cost of a deep peel can be anywhere from $700-$1000. Patients should chat with their doctor to determine which peel will provide the best results before they make the final decision to spend the money on a particular chemical treatment option.

Results and Recovery

Patients who enjoy the results of a chemical peel usually want to have another treatment in order to maintain the look they gained from the initial peel. Since each peel has different depth levels, the amount of time between treatments is determined by the type of chemical peel that is performed. A light peel can be performed every four to six weeks while a medium peel can be performed every three to four months. A deep peel has the longest waiting time between treatments as patients can only have the treatment every two to three years.