Procedures Offered

  • Botox
  • Facial Acne Treatment
  • Other Face Procedures
  • Liposuction
  • Emsculpt
  • Neck Lift
  • Miscellaneous

Board Certification

Member of

  • American Board of Laser Surgery
  • Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • American Society of Cosmetic Physicians
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society of Liposuction Surgery
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Med Spa Association
  • International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology


EMSCULPT is a new FDA-approved treatment for use on the abdomen and butt that works to contour the body. The device reduces fat and builds muscle simultaneously so patients can achieve the desired toned results.  EMSCULPT produces a magnetic energy that creates a series of muscle contractions1

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The best doctor ever!
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5.0 Stars / 5

Dr. Chasin is the best physician I have ever met. From the initial consultation to followup after the procedure, he goes the extra mile to make you feel great.

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