Possible Plastic Surgery for Mariah Carey?

Did Mariah Carey have plastic surgery?
While many of her fans feel that Mariah Carey never seems to age, there are others who think her youthful appearance is the result of plastic surgery. Earlier this year, the singer shared a throwback...
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Four Tips To Follow When Looking For A Plastic Surgeon

What to look for when choosing your plastic surgeon?
When it comes to plastic surgery, one thing everyone can agree on is that research is vital to having a successful surgery. Whether it is a breast lift, a facelift or buttock augmentation, plastic surgery...
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TV Doctors Meet a Woman Who Wants To Look Like a Doll

Botched doctors refuse to operate on bimbo expert Alicia who claims I want to look like a doll
The doctors on the television show, “Botched”, recently turned down a patient who wanted to undergo surgery to transform her look into that of a “real-life doll”. Alicia Amira,...
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A Look At Fat Transfer Risks

Fat transfer help patients change their appearance and augment different parts of the body. There are also some risks associated with the procedure.
Fat transfer has grown in popularity in recent years as patients look to make a change in their appearance. Fat is taken from one area of the body and then it is injected into another part of the body....
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